Saturday, 23 October 2010

Josh's checklist

Pete, Nina, Jack and Josh are down from Clitheroe for the weekend. Before they came Josh made out a list of things he wanted to do during the visit and one of them was to see at least one of the Badgers that visit us. They arrived at around 11 pm on Thursday night and after a sleep in the car Josh was relatively awake (as was Jack, but he's that bit older and seems to survive on less sleep). The Badgers obliged and quite soon after they arrived they were watching a largish Badger.

One arrived early yesterday, and today was the same. The two boys got excellent views and Pete managed some shots without the inconvenience of glass in the way.

Occasionally he would look up, aware that the flash of the camera was something unnatural, but quickly he returned to his supper, as he still remained confident of his safety. On Thursday night the first Badger's visit was cut short when an even larger Boar arrived and rather than risk a confrontation the incumbent retreated allowing the new arrival to finish the food. We do have difficulty identifying all the visitors but it may be that these were the two that had a ferocious quarrel a couple of weeks ago, when one eventually ran off having been given a bit of a battering.

Although then can look quite cuddly at times the size of those claws and the set of teeth that they possess means that they are well equipped to look after themselves in an equal contest, but of course the lager boars boss the up and coming pretenders.

I hope that the rest of Josh's list is as easy to satisfy as this one.

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steve ashton said...

cracking Badger photo set, excuse the pun Tony. It must be great to have these every night, and an interesting account of there visits.