Friday, 22 October 2010

In the Grove

After a pleasant, but more or less unrewarding walk round Bockhill this morning, three generations of Morris's went to Grove Ferry this afternoon. With the help of Pete, my grandson, Jack, is really getting into birding and he was keen to get out and see some new birds.

Although we didn't manage to find the Wilson's Phalarope, named after the American Ornithologist Alexander Wilson (not Martyn Wilson who took the picture on the KOS web Site), there were a lot of birds around. Several Ruff were in the area including these two in front of the David Feast Hide.

A bit of a silly picture, but this Greylag kept a beady eye on the hide by settling right in front of it.
We walked out to the Marsh hide and from here we found a new bird for Jack. Scattered round the marsh were at least 15 Water Pipits. Although they were often visible and audible in the air they were pretty difficult to find once they landed. We did manage to get some good scope views and Pete managed a digi-scoped shot. In front of the hide the group of Konig Horses stood almost motionless all the time we were there, and I have no idea why the one on the right is being ostracised.
There were loads of Bearded Tits around and I completely failed to get a picture worth having of them. Everyone else has managed cracking photos of these beautiful birds in the last few weeks, but I managed to prove it is possible to cock up even the most simple task if you try hard enough!

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steve ashton said...

Martyn keeps telling us the Phalarope was named after him, glad you cleared that one up Tony.