Thursday, 21 October 2010

Eastern Jackdaw

There were lots of Blackbirds and thrushes in the hedgerows this morning but I failed to connect with any of the Fieldfares that were moving through. The wood still had a few Chiffchaffs and Goldcrests calling, but little else.

While I was warming myself in the sunshine, a nice rapid transformation from the early morning frost a Curlew flew inland calling loudly. A couple of Redpolls gave their characteristic harsh call but didn't hang around for further investigation.

driving along Reach Road there are loads of Crows feeding in the fields, many of these are the familiar Jackdaw. At this time of year our local population is supplemented from the continent and occasionally one of these birds shows the characters of one of the eastern European and Asian birds. These have a much paler nape and sometimes a whitish collar. Phil Chantler noticed one of these near Shirley's Farm the other day so it's worth giving the flock a good look, and while you are looking watch out for a Hooded Crow, Phil Smith saw one near Landgon Hole today.
As well as the usual Wood Pigeons we've noticed a lock of Stock Doves arriving in the area this past week. Smaller and lacking the white collar of the Wood Pigeon they are a plain but still attractive dove.

If anyone is walking round the paddock, behind the monument, where the ponies are, finds a walkie-talkie radio, please let me know as one of the Bockhill Birders mislaid their radio today, in the area.

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