Saturday, 18 December 2010

Aerial Landing

We have made a trip up to Clitheroe this weekend. It has a duel purpose, first to see Josh, and help him celebrate last weeks seventh birthday, and second, as we are going to be in Spain, with Simon, Rocio, Sam and Elliot over the next week, as our Christmas visit.

We travelled up relatively easily, with cold weather but very little snow. That all changed last night and we woke up to a white landscape. A call from Mike Watson let us know there were a group of Waxwings in town.

They were right on the main road leading into the centre of town, and when disturbed the moved of a hundred yards or so and rested in a tree in a quieter spot.

On of the locals also told us that they visited an apple tree nearby, but when we looked the sole occupants were a couple of black birds taking advantage of the fruit left hanging on the tree.

On their way back to the ornamental Rowan type tree the paused to view the area from a television aerial. Altogether there were fifteen, and they were quite vocal. Seeing a group of birders several locals did stop at ask about the birds, and as usual were stunned at just how beautiful these visitors that they hadn't noticed were.

While the waxwings were a way two backbirds took advantage in the vacant feeding station and had a quick bash at the berries.

Back at home (for Jack and Josh), they'd added a suet block feeder to the array of food available. Jack is hoping that a Great Spotted Woodpecker to take advantage of it, but so far it has been mainly Starlings with a least one Blue Tit. Hopefully a Woodpecker might visit tomorrow.

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Adam said...

Great photos Tony - I've yet to connect with any of the Kentish birds (amazing I know!).