Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kent Air Ambulance

Jays have been prominent around the garden for the last few weeks, they seem to find anything that been left over by the gulls.

I'm not sure if the Jays around are all local birds or if they are part of an influx from the continent. With hundreds if not thousands of Waxwings in the county we could hope for some other arrivals from the continent, we must be due Nutcracker!

It's good to see the usual display of Christmas lights at "Malvern" in Collingwood Road, all in aid of the usual charity.

The Kent Air Ambulance costs £1.7 million each year to keep it running, and all the money comes from individuals, groups, businesses, companies and clubs from all over Kent. So if you're in the village pop along and put what ever change you've got in your pocket into the collecting box.

I haven't yet been to Hawthorn Close at River, but they will have a great display as usual, and collecting tins will there.

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