Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Badgers Bottom

During the winter visits for Badgers are rather inconsistent. They don't hibernate but they do seem to be much less active. Now that spring is arriving I've been put out some treats each evening, but until a couple of days ago I haven.t actually seen the the badger feeding.

The night before last a small, probably one year old arrived just as I was about to go to bed and he did the same last night, or rather early this morning. I don't think it is one I recognise, possible one of "Little Mum's" offspring.

He didn't hang around and was so preoccupied with eating that I was able to slide one of the patio doors open and I sat there listening to him munching while I took a few photos. As usual the flash of the camera went by almost un-noticed.

Once he'd (or it might be a she) had finished he had a quick snuffle round the flower pots and almost climb up on the largest one. Pam is very tolerant of them but isn't too pleased when they dig out her plants.
Once he was finished, off he went. I'm not sure if the tail will remain as distinctive as it looks in this picture, quit long and more or less white with a band half way down.

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steve ashton said...

A nice account of a worthwhile spectacle Tony. You are lucky to be able to encounter them so close, and photographs as well.