Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sky divers

It is a while since I walked along the cliffs on the "other" side and the bright sunshine along with the hope of seeing Ravens and Peregrines had me making my way out towards Langdon cliffs in mid-morning.

Before I was ready, I saw what looked like a Peregrine flying towards me as I started on the footpath from Upper Road. I did manage to point my camera at this projectile but the result make me wonder if I saw the ghost of peregrines past!

I did come across a small white, this brought my 2011 UK butterfly list up to 4, the others being Brimstone, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.

I had a quick view of a Raven, and then it flew south towards Dover and didn't return while I was there. Two Peregrines were messing around, gaining height and then diving down low over the sea, but I wasn't in a good position for a photograph, both for the light and because they kept disappearing below me.

The Jackdaws were very active collecting furnishings for their nests, in holes and cavities in the cliff. This one was so preoccupied it took no notice of being approached closely.

nI was surprised, while I was watching a group of Herring Gulls circling, when a Cormorant joined then and did a few circuits before flying off north towards St Margaret's.

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