Friday, 22 April 2011

Worth the drive

As I drove along the Ancient Highway across Worth marshes a pale blog in the middle of a field caught my eye.

Closer inspection revealed a Godwit standing all alone in the middle of the tussocky grass.

I did wander behind one of the tussocks, but it was obviously a Bar-tailed Godwit. I did manage to get a bit closer with the light a bit more behind me.

There still isn't much sign of any summer plumage but as it breeds in the tundra regions of northern Europe and Russia, east to Siberia, there is still a while before they will be breeding. It flew from the field to the Restharrow Scrape.

On the Restharrow Scrape I was surprised to see a Mandarin Duck some distance away. Even into the evening sun the silhouette is very distinctive.

There really isn't much possibility of getting a great deal of detail into the low sun. I did hope that it might bet closer and into a better position, but suddenly and for no apparent reason it lifted off the water and flew towards Pegwell.

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steve ashton said...

Nice find with the Bar-wit Tony, a nice shot of it in the grass as well.