Saturday, 14 May 2011

Flapping around

In the garden there was a lot of activity in the ponds. The top pond has had a good clear out and look a bit bare, but it did really need doing. Because of that it is easy to see the growing frog tadpoles and more interestingly quite a few newts, almost certainly Common Newts.

In the bottom pond the first of the Large Red Damselflies are now out. This is a widespread and common species that is often found in garden ponds.

After wasting the afternoon watching two sub-standard football games, the cup final was really disappointing, I decided to have a look at Worth Marshes where a Montague's Harrier had been seen yesterday, but there was no sign today. At Restharrow Scrape three Shelducks were feeding. One took a rest on the nearest island despite being scolded by the resident Lapwings.

On the same island an Oystercatcher was sitting tight and it was joined by a second bird that flew in.

Oystercatchers are noisy creatures, and this one was no exception, giving it piping display and that strange animated march that is so characteristic.

The Lapwing meanwhile took exception to one of the Mute Swans that came to close, and continually dived-bombed it. I could really understand why, the swan, like the General Belgrano, was sailing away. Nor could I really understand why the Swan seemed to panic at the attentions of such a comparatively small combatant.

Just outside the hide a pair of Corn Buntings flew in and one stayed a while, calling, not singing, sitting on a post close to the path to the hide.

As the sun began to set the aggressive Lapwing was on the offensive again, this time leaving the scrape to see of a threatening Herring Gull. It was a pleasant end to the day, but like the cupfinal, it lacked any real drama.

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