Monday, 16 May 2011

No, Basil doesn't bet on the horses anymore, do you, dear?

I have to admit that I thought it was ambitious of the St Margaret's Players to take on two Episodes of "Fawlty Towers". I mean the characters are so well known and some devotees know the scripts off by heart. I needn't have worried, they really have pulled it off and under the direction of Lynette Morely Norris it is a fun production. The two stories aren't the best known ones, perhaps because we have so many visitors from "you know where" visit the village! I took far too many pictures as usual, and eventually they will appear on my flickr site, but below are a few to give some flavour of the action.

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FROM 852060, or the Village Shop, Village Post office or Marshall Clarke in the Village.Lynnette gives her final team talk before the dress rehearsal, mind you they all know where the stage is, no need to point.

The set was very good and the staging done very well, reception, bedroom, dining room and kitchen scenes all need to be accommodated, and this was skilfully arranged.

Polly at mans the desk as guests arrive.

An Impatient Miss Richards.

The Hotel Management team.

No, of course not dear!

He's from Barcelona

Forget everything, que!

Poor Basil stands no chance

Bubble, bubble, no that's another play!

Turn it on!

Will he remember later?

It's not the money

Let us hope that any resemblance to a well known B&B in the village is only in the face at reception!

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