Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Keep out of the heat.

For the last couple of weeks we've been working in the garden, trying to get it into some sort of shape for the St Margaret's Garden Safari. We hadn't intended to open the garden this year, but it is such a great event, and makes a significant amount of money for the Pilgrims Hospices, that in the end we were persuaded.

After the drought, followed by days of rain and gale force winds, the last couple of days have been very hot. This Wood Pigeon had the right idea, a good soak in the pool.

Followed by a bit of gentle stretching and generally trying to see what the world looks like upside down.
Then completed with a splash, making sure that every where gets nice and wet.

And then finished of with a bit of good sunbathing. Something they stretch out their wings, exposing the underside to the sun. I think that this encourages any a parasites to come to the surface, and then be removed while preening. This one didn't seem too interested in any serious work and just sat in the hot sun. Mean while I made yet another trip to the rubbish tip, with various bits of garden waste. Our compost bins are full and there's just not enough time to do anything with it. It is just amazing how unwanted growth occurs as soon as the rains come and the temperature increases. I hope that the weekend is good, and that I manage to get a good collection of moths to show people, it's great to see how amazed people are when you show them Privet or Eyed Hawk-moths or even some of the smaller beauties that are around. People's misconceptions of what moths are and look like are reinforced by some of the rather silly reports there have been about clothes moths in the last few weeks. It is hardly ever pointed out that the vast majority of moths have nothing to do with holes in jumpers, a moth is a moth is a moth as far as the average newscaster is concerned.

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