Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lobster delight

While Pam was tidying up one area in the garden she spotted a nest in the middle of a Yucca plant. Although it was in fine condition we hadn't seen any activity here and we thought that it must either have been finished with, or deserted. I took a closer look and there were around five Black bird eggs in the nest.

Pam back off a bit and a look a little later revealed a female sitting on the nest. Although the nest is between two paths she seems OK if people walk by, so I think it will be OK to leave the path open over the weekend.

She adopts this position when she is being looked at. She is absolutely still and it is tempting to think that she believes that if she doesn't move she can't be seen.

Clouded Magpie (Abraxas sylvata)

Mothing has been interesting in the last two days. This Clouded Magpie is only the second I have ever caught.

Lobster Moth (Stauropus fagi)

I caught two of these last year, the first time I'd seen this moth, so it was good to see another this year. I hope that the catches over the weekend will be good, as I like to feature them during the Garden Safari Weekend.

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Steve Gale said...

Clouded Magpie - never seen one Tony.