Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day One of the Garden Safari Weekend

The Garden Safari weekend has arrived in St Margaret's and once again the weather has blessed Linda Winter's organising. Does she some influence somewhere?

After a difficult year in the garden, (feel like a farmer moaning about the weather) with the extremely cold winter, followed by a drought, along with the necessity of the Tree House removal, we finally got the garden in a reasonably presentable shape. With the Tree House gone the garden seems bigger to me, but that has it's own problem's with getting the overall balance right. Pam's worked very hard over the last few weeks and with the addition of some new features, including some of here own sculptures as well as various decorative stepping stones and a stone statue of Neptune (or Poseidon).

Even though the grass (what grass!) has suffered badly on the paths through the trees, the effect of the woodland glade, on the path through the arches, works even better this year, as the shrubs and bushes have reached a greater maturity.

The first rose covered arch, now supplemented by a second archway, plus a bit of improvisation, is now more of a Rose Tunnel, prepared to duck if you are over 6 ft 2 ins.

Pam's sculpture of the "world in their hands" finds her at a new level of philosophical art with the precarious position of our world, or it was a nice idea for an interesting sculpture. It all depends if you listen to the nonsense that art critics talk on the various cultural programmes in the media!

The little stream, with pools for the birds to bath in, has been a major feature of the garden this year, with so little water about until a few weeks ago. We've got two ponds in the garden, and another could smaller drinking pools, as well as several bird baths, and all have been well used during the drought.

The back of the house has a very "cottagey" feel with all the pots. I say the back of the house, but it has really become the main entrance, with only the postman and salesmen regularly using the front door. Let's hope the weather holds out for tomorrow. All the photos today are Pam's. I spent most of my time greeting people at the entrance and then, hopefully entertaining them with a little exhibit of some of the moths and wildlife of the garden.


Derek Faulkner said...

A great posting Tony, now I can see why you do so well for wildlife in your garden - I'm quite envious.

Bennyboymothman said...

A big beautiful blooming garden! thanks for showing us where you trap.