Friday, 8 July 2011

A rib tickler

Garden Safari Update - Linda Winter, the hard working organiser of the event says that so far she has banked around £7,500 from the safari, with just a bit more to come. As far as I was concerned it was a great weekend, with lots of return visitors and quite a few newcomers. In total Linda reported that 715 tickets were sold, a record number. What a great way to raise money for a worthwhile charity, well done everyone, especially Linda Winter.
Now the Safari is over I had intended to have a couple of days in the field, taking pictures ,other than in the garden. Unfortunately I managed to trip over on Tuesday evening and landed on a short wooden post, cracking a rib. I haven't been far since, and I have had to try to avoid laughing, coughing, yawning and especially sneezing, which are all very painful.

I did have my camera with me on Tuesday when I popped dawn to Dover. I came back via Crabble and was pleased to see several pairs of House Martins nesting on the Mill.

This one seems to be building a new nest. I'm always surprised how late some House Martins are in getting down to business.

I did mention art critics the other day. I don't know this pigeons opinions. but it certainly didn't have to do what it did, on what I think is a very good piece of work by Pam!

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