Tuesday, 12 July 2011

No far, as the Crow Flies.

Although it is still painful to laugh, or worse still sneeze, I am now able to drive. As I had to pop down to Kearsney in the afternoon I decided to take a stroll on the downs at Lydden.

The weather took me a bit by surprise, as it clouded over as soon as I arrived. Annoyingly the edge of the front remained just to then east and St Margaret's was probably still in sunshine most of the time.
Before I had even looked round and got my camera out the loud "pronk" call of a Raven made me look up, and four flew over and away towards the south. I presume these are the family that nested at Langdon, it's not far away, if not Raven's fast becoming plentiful.

Because the sun had gone in butterfly activity was fairly meagre, but a wlk through the grass did put some Chalkhill Blues up, and with a little patience it was possible to find them when they landed.
I only saw a couple of Marbled White's, but again they are much easier to see when they are active in the sunshine.

A few Meadow Browns were also on view in the bottom field, but as usual getting a picture of one open winged proved imposible.

Even in the dull light, scanning through the long grass provided lots of views of stationary Chalkhill Blues, just sitting there like little statutes.

It was surprising how many grass stems had a Blue resting on it. I will return when the weather, hopefully, provides better conditions. Last years show was extraordinary, and it would be good if it was repeated, especially if the Skippers are around.

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