Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What's the Pointillism at Crabble?

I had an interesting trip with Pam this afternoon. I had noticed the banner advertising and Art exhibition when I passed the other day and we went down to take a look.

The Mill itself is well worth a visit. The current Mill was built in 1812 and it is now owned and operated by the "Crabble Corn Mill Trust". They have an informative Website which gives some of the history and a list of the activities and meetings taking place in the building.
Today the wheel was turning, and it was fascinating to think that a mill has operated on this site since around 1227.

We were only just in time to see the art exhibition, as it was the last day. In fact a few of the exhibits had already been taken down. The paintings are the work of the "Temple Ewell Art Workshop", a group of about 24 local artists.

The large space at the bottom of the Mill is a great space for and exhibition, allowing the painting to be displayed in an interesting way in a gallery with a sympathetic atmosphere.

There was a wide range of subjects and styles on show, I certainly noticed the influence of Lowry and Monet. Fortunately the modern trend of conceptual art, often equating to rubbish, in some case literally and in others actually, hasn't yet become an influence.

The centre piece of the display was a group project bast on Georges Seurat's "La Grande Jette".
Each one of 21 panels was painted by a different artist. The only constraint on colour or style was that the outline of the subjects should meet where the sections joined. I have to say it made a striking exhibit, although overall the interpretation may have been a little conservative.

Exhibitions of local work are always good to see and to be able to use such an interesting building to put on the show is a real bonus. I believe that it is an annual event and if so I'll make sure that I go before the last day to the next one!

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frejus said...

Thank you for putting up some pix of our exhibition. Make a note of our website - - and I'll make sure you get an invite to the private view next year!