Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mr Blue Sky

I can't remember a more Mr Blue Sky or a calmer day in late September in the 11 years we've been here. It has it's down side though, migrant birds have no need to stop here and in perfect conditions they've either Left of just by-passed us. Even the number of Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps seems to have dropped as some have taken the opportunity to head down towards the Mediterranean area.

After a walk round Bockhill I made one of my less frequent visits to the other side of the bay. The lighthouse wasn't open today, but there were still loads of people around taking advantage of the sunshine.

Looking north towards the Bay, the second "light house" that was used as a marker by ships endeavouring to avoid the Goodwin Sands. As the sands have now shifted they are no longer in a line project out from lining up the two Lighthouses. The only birds I saw or heard of note here were a group of 18 Oystercatchers flying low over the sea.

A little further on. looking north towards Dover Harbours, I noticed a single Cormorant perched on one of the flints that project from the cliff.

It really doesn't look a very comfortable perch, but it was still there half an hour late when I walked back past it again. Other than a few Skylarks, stimulated to sing by the weather, there were few birds around, I guess I'll ave to wait for some rough weather to arrive.

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