Saturday, 1 December 2012

Before and After

Back in February 2007 I took the above photograph, after the demolition of a house that had been badly damaged by fire.

 In September last year something started to stir from the ruins that had sat there for five years.

It took a long time for anything to happen but the rebuild is finished and the sold sign is up. One question, why red brick?

Franconia, a bungalow on the Droveway had been empty and a shell for some years when I took this picture last September,
Finally two bungalows have appeared on the site, fairly tightly squeezed in, but the plot at the back is quite large. They are described as four bedroom houses in the advert, but three of the bedrooms are in the loft space, so in my book they are bungalows. The sea view that they have is a narrow strip above the roofs of the houses in Granville road (although it is a bit closes than our sea view). I guess if you sat on the roof you could see more sea, if you see what I mean.

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