Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A revised visit to Pegwell Undercliff

Somehow when I was fiddling in blogger I deleted the post from 5/2/2013. It was just a few pictures from a visit to the Undercliff at Pegwell, near Ramsgate Harbour. I went there after looking for the Waxwings at Walmer. I had seen about twenty five the day before, along Kingsdown Road, a few hundred yards from the Castle, but failed to relocate them when they flew. Once again I had no luck in re-finding them.

Lots of Oystercatchers around, and in previous visits I've found a couple of Purple Sandpipers here, but no luck today,

A few Grey Plovers fed among the seaweed, there mournful cal occasionally floating through the air.

Not much turning of stones as it fed in the rock pool.

A lone Bar-tailed Godwit on the tide line.

A common bird, but what stunning accessories he wears!

A noisy Redshank flies by.

Turnstone and Oystercatcher feeding as the tide drops.

A distant 17 km away the Monument can be seen at St Margaret's. a few degrees to the right should be our roof, I can see the undercliff from the window in the attic, but the reverse isn't easy.

Redshank in a reflective pose.

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