Friday, 17 May 2013

A long time ago!

Exactly forty-eight years ago today, in the early evening,.Pam and I arrived at the Church Hotel in Edale, Derbyshire, after a train journey from Manchester.

This was after a lunch time ceremony in St Anne's Church in the centre of Manchester where we started our marriage.Obviously, starting as I meant to continue, Pam, carried the cases.

I did let her do a bit of map reading, but of course the Peak district can be a bit difficult and we all know the problems of letting the wife do the navigating.

We did manage some good walks, and found Twite and Redstart, and all in all Pam had a good introduction to the problems of living with a birder. Well that's what Honeymoons are for, isn't it! (yes, I know I only look 12, but it's just a trick of the light). In spite of this warning we are still together, what fortitude my wonderful wife possesses!

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Derek Faulkner said...

You not only looked 12 but amazed me how you won such an attractive looking lady, must of been your chat up lines, such as "let's go and look for a Twite!