Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vive la difference Badger style

As I have said before, I don't always find it easy identifying individual Badgers. They change their appearance over time. Scars heal up, muddy noses get cleaned and fur gets renewed. However it is clear that these two, currently both popping in to see us during the week, are different beasts.

The one above has the give-a-way under-carriage and, although quite pale, fairly normal colours.

The one that came tonight, and is still wandering round the grass in front of me as I type, has the distinctive tail I described a few days ago. Both seem quite at home and not too nervous when I photograph them, unlike the small Fox that has also been visiting. She, and I think it is a small vixen, is gone at any sign of movement, even before I get to a position to take a photo. The slightest sound or door opening, inside the house and she immediately is on the alert and ready to run. The badger and fox seem to take no notice of each other and the same is true of the badger and a cat that walked past as I was taking photos a few minutes ago. A shame really I do need something to act as a cat scarer, as nearly everyone of my 12 neighbours seems to have one and they all think our garden is part of their territory.

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