Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Better late than never.

Bluebells are the quintessential spring flower. They come out before the leaves are on the trees and gain maximum benefit from the un-shaded sun, or that's the theory. They have quite a long flowering season, but the show that is now on in Captain's Wood is definitely on the late side. I took a picture, not unlike this one on 19th April 2009, nearly five weeks earlier than today. The wood was very quiet this afternoon, with just one Chiffchaff, two Song Thrushes, and a couple of Blackcaps joining in a gentle sing song with a few Blackbirds, Wren and Robins. I really should force myself out of bed and see what's going on at Dawn Chorus time, but it difficult to get the enthusiasm at the level necessary when it's so cold and miserable.

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