Friday, 24 May 2013

UN Natural England

Natural England had been in the news - Below is their Logo and below that the first statement on their WEB site -  a sort of mission statement .......or is it?

 Natural England home

 What we do

Natural England is the government’s advisor on the natural environment. We provide practical advice, grounded in science, on how best to safeguard England’s natural wealth for   the benefit of everyone.

 This is a Common Buzzard, a native species to the UK and one that was persecuted to extinction in the east of the country by zealous gamekeepers, acting for their landed gentry employers. It should be one of the parts of England's natural wealth that Natural England safeguards.

 This is a Pheasant. Admittedly a beautiful animal,but not native an introduction and therefore one would think of little or no concern to an organisation that safeguards England’s natural wealth. Ah but I may have missed an important point. There's another native animal that at the moment Natural England seems to feel it should help preserve.

 Yes, it's one who's extinction would be welcomed by the majority of people in the country, the wealthy country "sportsman". This anachronism needs the pheasants to maintain a ritual that displays his station in life. While the plebs (excuse the word) go round beating, this courageous sportsman waits with his gun, and before the Pheasant has a chance to mount a deadly attack, he blasts it out of the sky. 

What you may ask does this have to do with NE and the Buzzard. Buzzards are predatory birds and it has been calculated that around 1% of the young Pheasants, that are being raised so they can be shot by Hooray Henry and his friends, are taken by Buzzards. Natural England has issued a licence, in secret, to one such threatened Gentry. that will allow the destruction of four Buzzard nests. This action has been discovered using the freedom of information act  has been highlighted on various sites including the Guardian  and Martin Harper at the RSPB

Richard Benyon Official.jpg

The face of a very rich Tory Minister

Richard Benyon is the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This is the man who has allowed, or even encouraged this to happen. He just happens to be Britain's richest MP and has an estate of 20,000 acres that employs gamekeepers who stock the estate with pheasants. His great great etc grandad was three times PM Lord Salisbury and daddy was also a Tory MP. Now he's rather more that a hooray Henry, but should we allow such powerful land owners to be in control of our environment and natural heritage? To find out more of this chaps activities visit George Monbiots Blog. You will see what a conspiracy of privilege we are up against.


Steve Ashton said...

Welcome to the world of British politics Tony, corrupt and immoral since the year dot. Never has changed and never will change.

Dylan Wrathall said...

It seems that the days of politicians seeking to use their position for the betterment of society have long since passed. Today it sadly appears that these people are in the business of self improvement and the abuse of priveledge.
As for the muppets at the sharp end at Natural England? Funded by the tax payers, yet tools of the same elite few - it would be corrupt if it didn't have the blessing of parliament.

Warren Baker said...

Steve sums it up for me Tony, no matter who is voted in, they are all bent and out to line their already bulging pockets - filth the lot of 'em!

Mike Watson said...

Like the post Tony, well done! Shouldn't come as a surprise though. These people have been using our environment as a plaything for generations. A vote for the tories is simply a vote against the environment. The usual general sleeze is also starting to ooze out of them now. They cannot help themselves but stick their snouts in the trough. Despicable people!

Tony Morris said...

Mike, I agree with all you say, but I would add that a vote for any of the mainstream parties is a vote against the environment. None of them take the care of our countryside as at all important. I'm not even totally convinced by the Greens who have too many hang ups about nuclear enery etc to see the real picture. It needs all that care to become radical. Join me in prison if they try to build a Hub Airport in Kent!