Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Eyes have it

Mothing really hasn't been good this year, but it has just started to pick up a bit, with some regulars appearing.
Although not as large as the Privet Hawk-Moth the Eyed Hawk-Moth is still a spectacular beast. When disturbed it flashes the eyes on its hind wing to make it look like a larger animal in a threatening pose.

It was good to catch a Privet Hawk-Moth, the largest on the British list apart form a couple of rare immigrants. With the Village open garden weekend less than two weeks away I'm hoping that now they've started appearing I'll have something to show on my wildlife stand in the garden.

 Dunnock are regulars feeding on the spillage from the feeders, and now also feeding directly on them. This year they seem to have done well with at lest two pairs with young in the garden.

 Dunnocks seem to be obsessive bathers. I've watched one going backwards and forwards to the water for minutes on end, only to return again a few minutes later.

It's been good to watch a House Sparrow family, either feeding on the patio or outside the kitchen window on a fat-ball feeder. It is probably too soon to think that they are making a small recovery in numbers but at least they seem to have held their own this year. I was amazed when I was in Los Angeles in April to find that they were the commonest bird in town. An introduction that the Americans are none to fond off.

The House Sparrows are also committed bathers, showing why it is so important to have a source of drinking an bathing water in the garden.

Going in the reverse direction this evening, this Frog left his watery home in the pond to hop up on to the patio.

So far I haven't seen many slugs around, but if this slug predator can do his stuff among Pam's  plant pots he'll be earning his keep.
Oh yes, yesterday's mystery picture was a Mistle Thrush. I had it all lined up in the viewfinder as it fed on a worm, but as soon as it realised the paparazzi has arrive it fled.

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