Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sometimes only Wow! will do.

The sight of dozens of spikes of beautiful orchids is always breathtaking and the Southern Marsh Orchids currently flowering at Sandwich Bay really do come into that category.

Southern Marsh Orchid

They are resplendent in a number of different shades.

I do have difficulty with the various species of Burnet Moths, but I think that this is a Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet.

I don't know if the moth is a pollinator of the orchids, in many vegetative reproduction is as important as pollination.

 It was good to see a few Butterflies around, like this Small Heath.

 A Marbled WHite on a Southern Marsh Orchid is another potential pollinator.

 Sandwich Bay is famous for the Lizard Orchids, but it is the ones that grow on the lawn of one of the houses that make me really jealous, wouldn't it be great to have wild Orchids growing in your lawn!

 At the Restharrow Scrape there is quite a lot of activity of young birds. This Mallard Duckling seems to have lost Mum.

 The Lapwing on the small island was fairly laid back and didn't seem to mind to much when the chick wandered off.
This seemed to be the single Lapwing chick, maybe the lack of parental supervision had something to do with the small family size?

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jelltex said...

I think that the meadow at Sandwich Bay would take some beating, but we went to park gate at the weekend, and it is also breathtaking. How wonderful to have such sites on our doorstep.