Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nice to see you.

On Monday and Tuesday, for the first time for a while, we had no Badger visitor in the evening. On Monday one must have come very late, because to peanut tub was empty in the morning but on Tuesday the nuts were untouched, Tuesday was a very wet night, and it may have been that there were so many worms available that the lure of peanuts wasn't enough to abandon a worm-fest, or it could be that the warm snug set was preferable to a walk in the wet and windy evening.

Last night one of our regulars turned up. She is relatively bold and doesn't get too worried when I open the door.
From side on you can really see how small te head of a badger is compared to the rather weighty back end, and in this picture the fact that this is a sow is much easier to see than it is when you are watching her.

She was back again this evening and she was briefly joined by, what I think was, a boar. He was much more wary and didn't hang around long when I threw some more peanuts out for him. Our regular sow is rather like a hoover as shhe snuffles round the patio finding every last piece of peanut before leaving.

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