Saturday, 7 September 2013

Taking Stock

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged for a month. There are several reasons. First there's been a lot going on at the Hidden House, one Kitchen out, one Kitchens in. Not that I've been doing it, but somehow I wasn't getting out and taking photos while it was all happening. I was also becoming aware that blogging can become a drudge. Just finding something to put up and write about, just for the sake of it. So I decided to have a short break.

Stock Dove

Stock Dove

I had to got to Sandwich the other day and called in at the obs on my way home. I thought I'd see who was there, have a cuppa and a chin wag before visiting the Restharrow Scrape. I was pleased that I had, two of my oldest friends, not their age, although Peter might qualify this way too, but in the case of Pauline, the length of time I'd known her. I suppose once it gets past 50 years you should stop counting. Anyway after a chat I decided that it was about time I returned to my St Margaret's Blog and passed on my acquired wisdom!
P.S. I have still been doing my mothing Blog on a daily basis.

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