Saturday, 15 February 2014

An old friend comes to Supper

When I went out to my car these evening I nearly tripped over a Badger that was snuffling around, just outside the back door. I hadn't seen one for a while and had got out of the habit of providing a regular supper, as when I have  on several occasions the morning has revealed a very wet and soggy platter of drowned peanuts.

It wasn't long before he returned and seemed to get straight back to the old routine. As far as I could tell it was an old friend, the boar with the deformed ear.

As well as the peanuts he also went round hoovering up some of the sunflower seeds that had spilt from my feeders during the gale force winds. We had gusts of up to around 71mph last night! In fact the wind was so noisy that Pam and I both found it hard to sleep. I don't think that I have ever heard the wind make such a continuous loud roar before. Back to our visitor. We both thought that he was looking rather thin, so I gave him a decent ration to help him fatten up.

I don't know what sort of fight he'd been in but the base of his tail looked pretty damaged. It isn't unusual to see wounds in this area, they seem to fight by circling round and trying to bite the opposition on the rump. I think that these wounds heal fairly quickly, but most adult Badgers I see here do seem to have a few scares to testify to their rather bad tempered relationships.


Derek Faulkner said...

Nice to see that your local badgers appear to be OK. I wonder how many have been lost due to the flooding elsewhere and indeed, how much wildlife has been lost in general as a result of it.

Tony Morris said...

I would think that many setts must be water-logged. even on chalky soil like ours. I did see a dead one on the side of the road yesterday. Nowadays one doesn't know if it is a true traffic casualty or has been left there after meeting a different fate.

jelltex said...

Its funny Tony, but our local badgers, who had visited our front garden every night for 18 months suddenly stopped in November, and have only just started to return.

Maybe with the dap weather creating a surplus of food, as they have been digging my back lawn like things possessed.

Anyway, always a pleasure to ready your blogs about our local wildlife, and just thought you might like to know saw a Black Cap in our garden yesterday too. A first for me in St Margarets.