Sunday, 9 March 2014

.St Mary and St Radegund Church, Postling.

Everyone seemed determined to enjoy the sunshine today, and in an effort to avoid the traffic I wandered the back lanes during a late morning meander. It never ceases to amaze me how many small villages still exist in East Kent that I don't know about. Form some distance I saw the spire of a small church and entered the visllage of Postling to investigate.

 .St Mary and St Radegund Church

Unfortunately the church was locked, so although Syms says that the interior is of more interest than the exterior it will have to wait to another day when I can arrange a vist. The village of Postling sits at the foot of the Downs and the church is the most prominent feature.It was constructed towards the end of the 12th Century out of locally quarried flint and stone and was given a distinctive three tier appearance.

I was interested to see the notice at the entrance, "Caring for Wildlife in Postling Churchyard". It has long been recognised that these quiet, green patches, often,although not in this case, surrounded by buildings, can become havens for wildlife. It is often that this is recognised and advertised on site.

 As can be seen in the top photo, the church yard was full of primroses, that in today's sunshine gave a real spring feel to the day, and a least two Small Tortoiseshell butterflies were also making good use of the fine weather.

As usual buildings as old as this require constant repairs and the roof on the fine spire looks to have suffered some damage, perhaps during the battering that we've had from gale force winds this winter.


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