Monday, 2 June 2014

Bath Time

The drinking and bathing pool in our little waterfall down to the pond is well sheltered and shaded and ideal for the birds to bathe or drink safely. however it is very poorly lit and I have no position I can get to so that the sun is behind me, nevertheless it makes fascinating watch for the comfort of the lounge through the open doors. Here are a few of the birds I watched during an hour or so today.

Male Blackcap


Great Tit

young Greenfinch

young House Sparrow


female Blackcap

Blue Tit

Chiffchaff and Dunnock, note the Chiffchaff is ringed.

female Blackbird

Male Blackcap, returned or another one.


female Chaffinch

male Chaffinch

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Derek Faulkner said...

What a delightful asset to the garden that waterfall is and the photos looked OK to me. I have a largish pond with shallow edges and yet few of the local birds seem to use it for bathing.