Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bees. Lizards and Broomrapes

Thanks to help from Barry Hunt, self confessed oldest swinger in town (Thanet) I got see this rather stunning Orchid.

It is a "white" Bee Orchid, Ophrys apifera (var. chlorantha). I don't think it is quite such good condition as when Barry took his superb photo on his face-book page.

With most Orchids, where you find one they'll be others, but Bees often seem to be found singly.

Bee Orchids seen to often appear in recently disturbed areas, flourish for a while and then disappear.

At Sandwich the Lizard Orchids are in dull glory. Many of the plants look really healthy and robust, perhaps the mild but wet winter suited them.

This one is a typical flower with the "Lizard" tails pointing downwards.

I rather liked this one with the tails pointing outwards, seemingly defying gravity.

Along the side on the golf course and in the sand dunes there are many Broomrapes. I think that they are Bedstraw Broomrape, also known as Clove-scented Broomrape, an East Kent, and Sandwich in particular, speciality. I did get down on my hands and knees and I couldn't smell the cloves, but I think that they are better in the evening.

Among the Broomrapes and the Lizard orchids a large number of Pyramidal orchids are now appearing. They are not yet at their peak but look as if they will be prolific again.

After the White Bee orchid this morning I caught up with a normal one this afternoon. Unfortunately it is a bit passed its best, but stil;l a very attractive plant.

It was rather neare home, just along the road at the White Cliffs NT car park. Again it was a single plant, although I believe there are more not too far away,


jelltex said...

After seeing this post, I looked for the white Bee down amongst the Lizards. Reading it again, it would appear to be on the golf course maybe. A wonderful looking orchid for sure. The Bay is a wonderful place this time of year.

Haddock said...

That Orchid is an unique one.