Thursday, 5 June 2014

Silver Service

A bit of a breezy walk along the cliff top was certainly bracing! The wind rather kept to birds down and I saw very few butterflies.

On a ledge, near the monument, a Herring Gull was sitting on its' nest, It will be interesting to was when the eggs hatch, situated on a narrow ledge with about 100 m drop  below.

After the winter bunting flocks had dispersed it is good to see that at least one Corn Bunting has a territory near the cliff top. In the old day it was usual to see Corn Buntings using hedges as song posts, but now, with so many hedges gone a large plant of Fat Hen has to do. In addition there was a Yellowhammer singing just beyond Hope Point.

As I said butterflies on the wing  were scarce today, so when I saw a blue I was pleased to find that it was an Adonis Blue. The black veins extending through the border distinguish it from Common Blue.

I try to provide the Badgers a good standard by giving them their peanuts on a nice silver plate. I'm not sure how much he appreciates this silver service judging by the tip he left me last night!

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