Monday, 29 September 2014

Mellow Yellow

Once it gets to late September the number of species of moths I catch starts to reduce and slowly the composition has a particular autumnal feel about it.

Many moths are quite variable and the Sallow is no exception. I must admit I puzzled of the moth below for a while, but I think it is a colour morph of the Sallow. It's not (Thanks Ben) it's a Brick.


Dusky-lemon Sallow

Another of the Sallows is the Dusky Lemon Sallow, a moth I catch about every three years!

Barred Sallow
The Barred Sallow is another infrequent visitor to the garden. .

  Centre-barred Sallow
 Far more frequent is the Centre-barred Sallow

This general colour scheme is a recurring theme with moths at this time of year, perhaps to blend in with the turning leaves.

 A few others from last night. 

 Black Rustic

 Autumnal Rustic

 Brown-spot Pinion


 Ana all the time I going through my moth traps at this time of year I can see one or more migrating Chiffchaffs coming dawn to bath and drink in the "waterfall" in the garden, through my conservatory window.


Bennyboymothman said...

Nice selection Tony.
You get waaay more moths than I do. I am down to about 30 individuals a night now (built up residential area is the culprit I think, but the saving grace is a well wooded bridlepath at the bottom of my garden)
Your funny looking Sallow is a 'Brick' another species for the year then :)
All the best.

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Ben, It's a bit different to my previous Bricks, I should have realised that's why the tips are round and not pointed