Wednesday, 1 October 2014

It's feeding time at the Hidden House

Another rainless day in the driest September on record. I had a walk around the Undercliff at Kingsdown today. It's a place that always looks as if there should be a good bird there, and to be fair there has been for some, (Crested Lark, Pallas's Warbler) but not for me

There were a couple of Wheatears, making the most of the warm weather to hunt insects along the sea wall.

This one even obliged to show why my book of bird names has the alternative of "White-arse" for his handle. I was also pleased to see a Clouded Yellow, but as is often the case with this species, it declined to land for a picture and just flew on it way.

 This evening Pam and sat down to watch feeding time at the badger refuelling station. The little chap on the left is, I think, one of this years off-spring. It doesn't show so much from the photos but he really is a lot small, and looks much less muscular than the boar on the right. This one is still very handsome looking, and show few scars and signs of battle. He also has two proper ears.

Soon after these two put in an appearance old one ear arrived. I spread the peanuts out tonight to try and reduce squabbling over the plate and it mostly worked although there were one or two "professional" fouls going on.
 As you can see the new kid on the block isn't shy and gets on with rooting out the food, Old One Ear looks as it he's urging me to throw some his way, while the handsome boar at the back is just a bit more wary of coming forward.

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