Friday, 20 March 2015

Boys Toys

At long last |I seem to be cough free and feeling like getting out and about. I just hope the cloud of polution, that's been making the headlines, doesn't settle over St Margaret's. As an incentive I've got a new toy to play with, a Canon 7D Mk2 and a Canon 100-400 Mk2 zoom.

This is not a great photo, but an oppotunistic snap. I put some food out for the Badgers, that I knw are around, but seem to be visiting after I've gone to bed. When I looked up I could see a Fox standing there. I had no lights on inside and just a single light out side. The picture was taken through the window using 16000 ISO and 1/15th at F8

The gardens full of finches at the moment. This is just one of at least 60 Chaffinches that were around the feeders today. The clever ones just stay on the ground and collect the bits the Greenfinches and Goldfinches drop

The Restharrow Scrape at Sandwich is still very full and there are a good nmber of ducks. I've always thought that Gadwall drakes are among the most handsome going, not showy but subtly classy.

I didn't manage to see what it was but some thing spooked all the ducks and they had a quick fly around.

Although the Morhen is a very common bird, it doesn't often appear right in front of the Restharrow Hide. This one chugged by and seemed to be making the most of theconditions,.

There are a lot of Shoveler at the moment, when not feeding this pair spent a lot of time doing their head bobbing display. Spring is definitely in the air.

Good views of a male Peregrine today. He got qiuite agitated at the sight of a fairly distant Raven, and dashed off to let it know hisfeelings.

Just a young Herring Gull, reflex action to press the sutter as it drifted by. There were a lot of Fulmars around, but theyall seemed to be in places inaccessible tothe camera lens.


jelltex said...

Its been very quiet for badgers in our part of the village, although one young one came at about half nine yesterday evening.

We are getting greenfinches, the occasional goldfinch and even a shy wren in our small garden.

Tony Morris said...

Unfortunately there have been a few road casualties around. I presume young males wandering.