Friday, 27 March 2015

Toad Patrol

I had my first evening on Toad Patrol, at East Langdon, tonight. There were a few toads, 28 I think and one very large frog that all got moved across the road. There were three of us with our buckets, I was lucky to be with Emily and Theresa, both experienced at the job and good at finding toads at the road edge before they got into dangerius areas. I wa ssurprised at the volume of traffic through such a small village. It's a bit like helping little old ladies across the road. Over you go, even if you weren't going that way! This was The one I picked up next to the cars. I got it to pose before I took it for it its obligatory swim.

This useful conservation activity is organised by KRAG (Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group), or see their Facebook Page,


Derek Faulkner said...

Nice to see toads again. I haven't seen or heard of any here on Sheppey for many years and yet at one time it was easier to find toads in a garden than it was frogs.
Any idea why I have to prove that I'm not a robot when posting a comment, isn't that a form of discrimination against robots!

Tony Morris said...

Don't know why the robot thing started. I haven't changed any settings I know about.