Friday, 10 April 2015

Don't you just love spring!

A bank of Wood Anemones along Singledge Lane.

 Wood Anemones

Lesser Celandine 

Lesser Celandine is mixed in with the Wood Anemones, although mainly in smaller numbers.

Our youngest, Simon is coming down with two of our grandsons this week end. He was hoping to see Bluebells but unfortunately it's a couple of weeks too early. However, along the edge of the Captains Wood I did find one plant in bloom. I think it must be an "escaped" garden variety.

The floor of the wood is carpeted in Wood Anemones. 

Although they are not in bloom, the green of Bluebells is now well advanced.

Captains Wood.

I found one patch of Primroses along the path in Captain's wood. 

The most interesting observation though was of a Nuthatch calling. I've looked for them here before but only one did hear one distantly and for a couple of seconds leaving me in doubt. This time it was clear enough although out of view. I tried"squeaking" and got in the usual Blue and Great Tits, a Robin and a Wren. I changed noises and did a couple of "pishes". This had an instant result and the nuthatch flew over me landed, realised I wasn't particularly interesting and flew of again.

Captains Wood
It's obvious when you think about it. The early flower come up in profusion before the leaves on the trees obscure the light. 

At East Langdon a couple of Swallow were on the wires near the pond. This has become a tradition meeting area for early arrivals.

I suspect that this is a female as the tail streamers are shorter than first one on the wires.

They did seem intent on getting with the main functions of spring.

The male is the one with the longer streamers and is trying to fulfil the predictions of the Selfish Gene.
Afterwards a quick brush up and feather rearrangement was necessary.

They seem to have decided on a suitable distance apart, but hopefully they will end up with a couple of broods of youngsters before the end of the summer.


Derek Faulkner said...

Great photos Paul, the wood looks beautiful - still waiting for Wheatears here on The Swale.

Derek Faulkner said...

And of course, you're not Paul, you're Tony.
That's what you get for reading Plover's blog before replying to yours.