Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Garden Safari

This weekend the bi-annual Garden Safari took place at St Margaret's at Cliffe. This year it was organised by the Rotary Club of South Foreland. They had a hard job to follow after all the years that Linda Winter had brilliantly managed the event, and so far so good. After the battering the garden had taken in the winds of last winter, we had thought that we might take a rest this year, but in the end decided that we would join the fun. I spent much of the time with my little exhibition of garden moths and moth traps, while I left the major part of the garden to Pam, she knows so much more than me about the plants (well she buys them after all). We had a lot of help  in the last week from our friend Marilyn, who also has kindly let me us her pictures of the event. Chris Donald, manned the entrance for the whole of Saturday, and managed to get her crossword finished.

Front Garden Pond.

Back Garden shrubbery

Pam's "Zen Garden"

A large Echium, with some of Pam's shrunken heads.

The vegetable installation

One for the kids, "the Worlds in their Hands", after all our generations messed it up, lets hope they can get it right.

The back door potty area!

Ceramic Poppies, now where did Pam get that idea?

Well I like Salvador Dali, a bit of Metamorphosis of Narcissus?

There is a wildlife pond in the middle of the area, but the plants have suddenly grown very quickly.

Greenhouse and Vegetable area.

One of the arches I had to remake after it was blown down in the winter.
(Pam's Picture)

A tank full of moths and mostly quite a lot of interest.

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Derek Faulkner said...

Great stuff Tony, lovely garden there that Pam has created.