Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A South American Tyrant

Every now and again nature provides one of those unforgeable events that make birding such an exciting hobby. So it was when we encountered a group of  Streamer-tailed Tyrants in Paraguay on 26th September.

They are members of  the world's largest family of birds, the Tyrant Flycatchers, which has over 400 species in North and South America. One of these, an Acadian Flycatcher was found at Dungeness, while I was in Paraguay, but was only present on the 22nd September.

  1. It is quite a large bird, about 40cm including the tail streamers. 

They were an excited group and this pair certainly were determined to tell the world where heir territory was based. 

There were very photogenic, but at the same time very active, with the streamers waving around.

After a while the did settle down and stop waving their wings and tails around.

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essaykings.me said...

They do look like sphinxes for me! So majestic and free. The feathers have very nice coloring, don't they? Hope you enjoyed watching them.