Sunday, 3 January 2016

The winds of Climate Change

I have a few nest boxes in the garden, and two, have cameras. They both have been used for roosting a while ago, but never for nesting.

This one is quite high up in an Ash tree and during the very high winds it has become detached from the tree. The problem is I am not very keen on climbing up a ladder at the moment, but I will have to in the next few weeks. Since we've been here each winter has seemed progressively more windy, whether this is a long term trend due to climate change will take time to be assessed, but it sure seems so.

While I was leaning out of the window photographing the box I noticed the nice variety of head wear the chimneys across the road sported,
I wish to thank Harold Macmillan for the title of this post, modified for the current situation.

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