Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Back to some birding

I had a spare half an hour while I was waiting to meet someone in Walmer. The morning was quite bright and I decided to take a look at a filed where in a previous year I had found a flock of buntings and finches feeding.

This year the field seemed empty but I was pleased to see a Common Buzzard as it glided over my head.

I watched the area for a while and although the weather had deteriorated to a drizzle the bird appeared again, this time with a second bird. They circled  for a short time and disappeared into a small copse.

The impression I had that they may have been territorial, which in today's situation is not that surprising.
I will certainly be back to have another look later, It is so fantastic to see these beautiful raptors so close to home.


Derek Faulkner said...

Quite amazing how we are all becoming used to Buzzards being a normal bird around an area, as opposed to just several years ago. Hopefully Red Kites will be the next one to become an everyday species, as long as we don't then get people starting up those awful feeding stations.

Tony Morris said...

Yes I agree Derek. It is only about 15 years since the process of "recolonising" Kent started, somewhere near Westerham, now they are probably the most common raptor in Kent.