Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The best pictures are just in my memory.

I had a walk from home to Barrows Mount ("the rough" in Bockhill birders terms). When I got near the gold course I could hear a bit of a rumpus. It sounded like a Peregrine and since I was still about half a mile from the cliffs and the wind was in the wrong direction, I was surprised I could hear it. As I scanned I saw a Peregrine stooping at a large bird of prey. A first I thought it was a Buteo sp. but as it turned I could see it was a Red Kite. It was forced lower and I thought that it had landed in the Freedown. I didn't see it lift up again and I hurried across the fields but I was disappointed and could not relocate the Kite. It must have stayed low and exited at the farm end. No pictures as it was too distant, but an exciting couple of minutes, and a very good memory. At one point I did see a Raven flying over, presumably also brought to the area by the commotion.  

 The walk to the cliffs wasn't wasted and I watched as Fulmars glided around the cliffs. These masters of flying are a joy to watch.


 This 2nd year Herring Gull drifted by, showing that they aren't the villains as portrayed in the trash papers, but the legitimate occupants of the coast. 

 Herring Gull

I spent some time scanning the cliffs,watching out to sea and hoping for a repeat visit of one or both ofthe raptors.

 No Raven, but a couple of Carrion Crows flew over the "big field" as I was scanning.

 I guess the ferries and their passengers were a lot more comfortable today. As it became more cloudy the light over the Channel was quite interesting, and the French coast stood out on the horizon. P&O ferry



 A distant Cap Gris Nez

 The Channel

 A Magpie joined me in viewing la Manche.. 

Back At home I was very happy to see the first femal Blackcap of the year, feeding just by the window.

 Female Blackcap.

 Female Blackcap.

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