Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Duck and Fox

I had a look at the pond,through the window while I was trying to judge the size to answer a question from a frog enthusiast.

I was surprised to see two of our local Mallards, from the Village Pond were paying a visit.

Visits are a regular spring "thing" but I hadn't seem them arrive this morning. I had to go outside and have a quick word with them. 

  Two Mallards in the pond for a morning can wreak havoc with the pond and with the frog spawn. I do enjoy them in the garden, and I guess their pond is such a miserable place, with no vegetation, they probably find it more interesting.

 After a few words they took the hint and left for their own pond. Later in the year she normally brings her ducking up to see us.

We had two visitors this evening. First a Badger came to tuck into a peanut supper. I was a little surprised that he chose these before the bones and bits we'd put out in case our other visitor arrived this evening.

This beautiful fox has visited a few times but he is very jumpy and difficult to photograph. I did manage one using flash through the open window but he wouldn't come close. It did allow me to use ISO 400 but with just the camera flash it was a bit of a push.

 These were taken using the garden lights and ISO 16000 at 1/20th sec. I haven't yet worked out how to train him to stand absolutely still.

Not the greatest picture, but given it was through glass and the settings as above I was pleased with the result.


jelltex said...

We have had a fine young handsome dog fox come and visit us for the last few weeks. It is the largest fox I have seen, with a magnificent bushy tail, almost as long as his body. Last weekend, he was here when there was also a badger, the badger sat in the food to ensure the fox could not get anything. Last night there was a very small bager come, just after dusk, but when I threw a fat ball out for it, they seem to like these as they can just be carried in a badger's mouth, it ran off. The fox came back again.

Tony Morris said...

It may be we are sharing the same mammal experiences!