Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Bird Service Station

Sitting in the bath pampering is always a treat.



The Bramblings are still around, but only feeding on the ground occasionally and even then they are quite jumpy and never settled for long.



The small fountain continues to provide entertainment with action from Chiffchaffs and Goldfinches.


Meanwhile a Wood Pigeon enjoys a period of sunbathing, a treat that might not be available much in the next few months.

Wood Pigeon


The view on the other side of the house is equally entertaining with lots of birds using the little waterfall that runs into the pond.  I was surprised to see a Redwing coming to drink there this afternoon. I normally only see them in the garden, as opposed to flying over, in hard weather. 


Right outsilde the lounge windows I have a feeding station and of course the Golfinches drop a lot of seeds that are picked up by ground feeders.


Feeders on the pergola, looking through the open door. With around 50 Goldfinches the noise was incredible as the squabbled for a perch.

Some of the Goldfinches feeding on the ground.

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