Wednesday, 5 October 2016

It's Gold time at the Hidden House

First thing this morning a Wren was playing around just outside the diner window. It had a look at the water but and even had a quick exploration of the unused hole. It is always fun to watch their perpetual motion.

It was the increase in the number of Goldfinches coming to feed that was the highlight of the day. Although they are though of as residents many of the birds that breed here actual migrate
south in autumn and spend the winter in Iberia (not a bad idea). There are more than replaced by birds that breed further north and east in Europe, The numbers going through can number in thousands and in October form a major part of the visible migration observed from the cliff top. A good number spend some time with us, feeding, bathing  and drinking.

feeding is important for migrating birds, they build up a large fat layer which is the fuel when they are their long flights, and in our garden that fuel is sunflower seeds.

Some sit waiting for a feed position of the feeders, while others prefer to feed on the ground, where the seeds dropped from above are easy pickings.

Water is of course very important and there are two bird baths available, but in addition there is a small fountain that runs over a bed of stones. The Goldfinches seem to enjoy drinking and messing around on this feature.

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