Saturday, 22 October 2016

Missing the Rares

There has been an unprecedented influx of Siberian Accentors in Europe in the last week or so. In total there have been more than 120 and seven (unless I've missed some out) have occurred in the UK, The first in Shetland, was a UK first and then at least three on the north East coast of England and two more in Shetland and one in Lothian. None has appeared south of the Humber estuary.  I reckon that the undercliff at Kingsdown would make a perfect place for one to turn up in Kent. In addition a couple of rare gulls ahve appeared in Kent, only to disappear without hanging around for wider recognition. Ever hopeful I had a wander along the Undercliff on Friday afternoon, just as the sun vanished behind the cliffs and some storms started to wander along the channel.

It won't surprise anyone that although I did find a Dunnock, there was nothing exciting around although it is always good to watch the Rock Pipits there.

The fabulous cliffs looking towards Hope Point.

Black-headed Gulls wandered past, but no sign of any American visitors.

Black-headed Gull, adult in winter plumage.

The tide was high, and on it's way, and in any case I don't think I'm now up to the cliff bottom walk to St Margaret's Bay. Thi is a shame, because I alwys feel there is some good potential in places there is some scrub down to the cliff bottom.

One of the black storms wadering along the Channel.

The undercliffe, looking north towards Deal.

In fading light a black Crow flies sinisterly along the cliff top.

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