Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Moving Lumps on the ground.

The last week hasn't been good. A bad dose of something very nasty has had me in bed, or at least in doors in the smallest room, for most of the last seven days, I did manage to get to the Kent Wildlife Conference at Kent University, and with the help of heavy dosing and crossed fingers, I got through my talk on Kent's changing birds, over the period I've been birding, with out accident.

A view from the lounge window. Apart of the flock of Goldfinches feeding in the garden. These are under the feeders below the grape vine.

When I counted these I was surprised how many there were on the ground, As this is just one of two feeding areas the total flock in the garden is now approaching 200.

Yesterday I managed an exciting trip to the pharmacist, and took the opportunity for a drive from Deal along the Ancient Highway.

 I noticed some lumps on the ground. While thousands of Red-legged Partridge infest the countryside, waiting for the unspeakable to blast them out of the sky, some native Grey Partridges keep their heads down, on Worth Marshes.

They are one of my favourites and we are lucky to see them regularly here.

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