Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Last Hurrah!

After a very wet night there was some very nice sunshine today and it was great to see a couple of Red Admirals basking in the warmth, possibly their last opportunity this year.

The garden was buzzing with the calls of over 100 Goldfinches with Chaffinches and a few Bramblings and Greenfinches to supplement the seed eaters.

What interested me though were the odd glimpse of small warblers feeding among the leaves on the bigger trees. I reckon there were probably four, and as I got good enough views to identify each one in every case it turned out to be a Chiffchaff

There is no doubt that it is possible to get a rarer phyllosc here, I've seen both Yellow-browed and Pallas's Warblerrs within 300 meteres, but I'm still waiting here..

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