Thursday, 27 October 2016

Non appearing Dusky Warbler

Birding can be a frustrating hobby. Today I walked down towards Kingsdown, and ended up in a scrubby field where a Dusky Warbler has been skulking for the last couple of days. A quick call to Brendan confirmed I was in the right place, and a message informed me that it had be recorded today. After half an hour I'd heard what I was pretty sure was the bird just twice, from an area of brambles. A quick glimpse of a bird, the right size and shape promised much but came to nothing as it went quiet and I saw no more movement. I decided it just wasn't my day, when all of a sudden it started calling. I heard it over a period of about two minutes but saw absolutely nothing. By this time I wished I'd driven down there instead of walking, although it was the walk that I needed to try and get back into the habit of exercising my very achy joints. The pictures are not a Dusky Warbler, but at least the Yellowhammer and the Robin had the decency to sit out and show themselves.

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