Thursday, 3 November 2016

Birdie Time

When you are birding,especially if you are doing a list for any reason,a day list, a trip list or even a life list, there is an old saying all "ticks" are equal.

I have to say some are more equal than others and near the top for me is the fabulous Peregrine.
This is an adult, with horizontal bars across the breast, and I think this si the male.

A loud honking about alerted me to a Raven over head, and as it flew over the fields it also alterted a group of Carrion Crows perched in the Empty Wood.

The flew out to challenge their larger relative and continued to escort it away from their presumed property.

They ended up flying up the hill that marks the fairway of the par five hle no 8 on the Kingsdown nnd Walmer Golf course.

It is a long uphill hole, and although I don't play this game, it seems like an expensive way to spoil a good walk, from what I have seem there seem to be very few birdies associated with this hole.

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